Jul 01 2020
Inspire: A Live Shared Experience

Inspire: A Live Shared Experience

Presented by Real/Time Interventions at Online/Virtual Space

What art inspires the spiritually-minded when they feel like they can’t go on?
How does one artfully feed the spirit in times of uncertainty and pain?
How can connection with art and the spirit inspire our communities to take a healing moment together?

“Spir” is the root word in SPIRit, inSPIRation, & breath (reSPIRation)—things that many of us have been reaching to connect with more deeply in this time of painful awareness.

RealTime’s new live show INSPIRE opens a dialogue between two Black spiritual leaders —one Buddhist, one Christian— who’ll discuss works of art that inspire them in challenging times, exploring the link between the creative and the spiritual; and share creative/spiritual responses to the pain and discovery of the pivotal moment we’re living in. And together, they will create a “secular blessing” to share with the audience.

INSPIRE is a new offering in “RealTime Presents…,” our monthly series of new, live programming on City of Asylum’s shared virtual channel “The Show Must Go On(line).”

Register for the experience here: https://www.alphabetcity.org/show/?fbclid=IwAR2oIvY9-KC4Z3Bj-x8Mks5ZouQBTjBK0MFgzFXWyRvzEV1cI3CuMX9uEY4

Admission Info

Tickets are free but please reserve your seat here: https://www.alphabetcity.org/show/?fbclid=IwAR2oIvY9-KC4Z3Bj-x8Mks5ZouQBTjBK0MFgzFXWyRvzEV1cI3CuMX9uEY4

Instructions for how to access the show can also be found there.

Dates & Times

2020/07/01 - 2020/07/01

Location Info

Online/Virtual Space