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Cormorant's Fancy

Cormorant's Fancy

Cormorant’s Fancy propels audiences into the living Celtic tradition. Their compelling cross-generational line up unites the past, present, and future. Hired to entertain guests at weddings playing both traditional and contemporary folk music for merriment and energetic dancing.

When it comes to crafting unforgettable wedding experiences, few things compare to the dynamic energy and authentic atmosphere of a high-energy party, Ceilidh or an all-Irish celebration. Imagine infusing your client’s special day with the spirit of Ireland – the land of romance, lively tunes, and vibrant traditions. This is where authentic Irish bands step in to transform weddings into lively, enchanting affairs.

Romantic Irish Ambiance: Picture the couple exchanging vows amidst the dulcet tones of traditional Irish melodies. Our band creates an authentic ambiance that weaves together the romance of a wedding with the charm of Irish culture. The music becomes a romantic backdrop, igniting emotions and touching the hearts of guests.

Lively Tunes for Dances: After the ceremony, it’s time to celebrate, and choosing to book us amongst all these bands for hire will make the reception an electrifying experience. We bring a repertoire of lively tunes that beckon guests to the dance floor. The infectious rhythms of jigs, reels, and Irish folk songs will have everyone joining in the festivities, creating an atmosphere of pure joy.

Exhilarating Ceilidh Dancing: A wedding is a celebration of union, and what ... view more »

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